USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD 100% THC-free

USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD 100% THC-free

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The latest and greatest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the risk of testing positive for THC. Our extraction process ensures a THC-free CBD product without sacrificing beneficial and healthy hemp terpenes.

This is the perfect CBD for Sports & Athletes

Serving Size: 20 Drops – 1 ml

Servings per Container: 30

Other Ingredients: MCT Oil, ISOTERP™ CBD (Natural Plant Terpenes, Isolate CBD).


Suggested Use: Take 1 ml once per day (approx. 20 drops) or add to 4-6oz of water or other beverage.

  • Think oil and water don’t mix? Think again!

    Our Organic Full-Spectrum Water Soluble CBD is our #1 fan favorite here at HempLucid. If you’ve ever been let down by other CBD products, this is the one for you.

    This top-selling tincture is fast-acting and versatile, and our Natural Flavor has that rich cannabis smell and taste you know and love. Mix it with a drink, take it directly under the tongue, or vape it — this Water Soluble can be taken however you like to get the effect you’re looking for.

    The addition of our nano electrolyte blend (unique to our Water Soluble products) embeds nanoclusters of water into the formulation to maximize absorption rates.

    It’s completely unique — just like you. Try this fast-acting tincture today!