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Earth’s Metta is a homegrown wellness business based in Western NY


In my search for CBD products, I purchased 4 of the .5oz jars from my massage therapist. She had some specific for Fibromyalgia and I liked the oils that were in the mix. I am really happy with my results ~ I have been using them on my husband also to relieve his joint pains too. I have now purchased the large jar and will continue to add other products as well.

Zee Gibson

I was given a sample of muscle pain balm and felt instant relief! Highly recommend!


My dog has been on the CBD oil for a month trying to alleviate Degenerative Myopathy. I cannot believe the mobility improvement he has had. Just ordered more as I will keep him on it now until the end.


The newest edition to the Earth's Metta family - The CBD Warming Balm for Joint Pain is amazing. I was sick with a respiratory bug last week and could barely breathe without wheezing and with my compromised immune system I typically end up with Pneumonia or Type A Influenza. However, after rubbing this balm on my chest after a steamy hot shower and then laying down for the night - I miraculously woke up free of wheezing, free of nasal congestion, free of chest pain and had my voice completely back without the raspy nasal tone.


I was getting cortisone shots for my knee, now I only use the CBD Balm. No more swelling or pain.


I was able to get off all of my pain meds, my doctor was amazed, he said to keep it up.


After two back surgeries I had no relief from chronic back pain, until I tried CBD Fibro Balm. I now have my life back, without pain.


Suffering from sciatica for sometime. The CBD Balm relaxed the muscles, calmed the nerve pain and allowed me to sleep.


With Sweet Dreams I had the best and deepest night sleep ever, woke feeling amazing.