“Metta” a Thai word for compassion and loving kindness.


Earth's Metta owners Kim & Vicki Ramsdell

Earth’s Metta is owned and operated by Kim & Vicki Ramsdell of Frewsburg New York.

Vicki Ramsdell is a licensed massage therapist, certified therapist and educator of Traditional Thai Medical Massage, Herbal Medicine & Cupping, with over 15,000 client hours and over 30 years of practice in both Eastern and Western medicine. Vicki is the Technical Director of the Lure Essential line of therapeutic cups.

Kim Ramsdell is the business & production manager of Earth’s Metta. Kim has over 42 years of experience in industrial food manufacturing. His past experience and integrity has insured the highest quality and consistency of every one of the products.

Earth’s Metta is a (DBA) of Thai Massage & Energy LLC


When Kim retired after 42 years in manufacturing he had one goal in mind and that was to help other people, so three years ago using Vicki's tried and true essential oil formulas the couple started the manufacturing of CBD-infused essential oil medicinal balms, with the sole purpose of helping others.

It was their firm resolution from the very start that only the highest quality organic ingredients would go into their products. The second important component was the price. They wanted to make sure that the people who needed to benefit from the balms would be able to purchase them at a fair and reasonable price.

As the company has grown over the last three years, it has moved from a small operation to a more structured business, always adhering to the original goals of quality and fairness. They have been very blessed with a 95% repurchase rate.


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